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Super Man Male Sexual Stimulant

Original price was: د.إ200.Current price is: د.إ150.
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Effect Mechanism: it is lasting effect spermary preparation. It has distinct malehormone characteprotein assimilation and stimulating medulla creating blood function. And it can accelerating blood cell growing and accruesperm. Indication: Adapt to the disease to cases: such as letdo winning of mankind sex grand function and so on. Usage range: The secondary functional impotence, prostatitis because of Neurasthenic or spirituality and the others. Precautions for use: the minor would be careful. It could not be used repeatedly in 24 hours. If erection appears time after time or last too long time, to drink a cup of water please .
Original price was: د.إ200.Current price is: د.إ150.

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